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Permit Governor of Malopolska No. PS.III.9019-5-09

For most of us, the time comes to provide care for loved ones - whether sick or disabled; and to choose a place where life retains a good flavour while moving at a pace that suits the needs of the person requiring care in a climate-controlled environment.

Personal Care Home "Zapiecek" in Zabierzów Bocheński (Lesser) is located only 25 km from the city of Krakow in the buffer zone Niepołomice Forest. The proximity of large forest complex makes there are perfect climatic conditions that favor spending free time in an active way. Nearby (about 500 meters) operates a holiday complex whose central point is the lake. Many scenic spots and interesting location of the house give the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of nature throughout the year. The surrounding forests are also a great area for walking, relaxation and rest.

Advantages of the care home in Zabierzów Bocheński:


  • cosy home;

  • picturesque corners, excellent climatic conditions and clean air;

  • excellent conditions for spending free time actively or contemplating the beauty of the surroundings;

  • salt hut;

  • café;

  • a large, beautiful garden;
  • Krakow - only 25 km away (convenient access to the city).


We provide:

  • a stay in a luxury resort;

  • 24-hour continuous professional care - with guaranteed medical care;

  • carefully selected nutritional programmes and wholesome meals from our own kitchen;

  • occupational therapy in many variations;

  • rehabilitation
  • many attractions that make the lives of our charges beautiful.




The comfort and satisfaction of your stay is ensured in a comprehensive manner, taking individual preferences into account.


Our guarantees:

  • a high standard of living in a modern building adapted to the needs of the Residents;

  • small number of residents;

  • accommodation in spacious 1,2,3-bed rooms with bathrooms;

  • excellently arranged communal use spaces: living room, lounge with fireplace and home cinema;

  • no architectural barriers and intimacy of the centre.


Our residents are treated by caring professionals, including doctors.



Our guarantees:

  • professional nursing staff watching over you 24 hours a day;

  • permanent access to a general miedical care;

  • rehabilitation and physiotherapy programmes tailored to the needs of each individual resident;

  • individualised nutritional programmes with 5 meals a day: 3 main meals and 2 additional meals.


The freedom and intimacy of meetings with relatives and friends is our recipe for a successful every day at the "Zapieck".


Our guarantees:

  • visits on designated days;

  • clear and quick communication with the staff;

  • possibility of celebrating important events for the resident

  • a café with aromatic drinks and delicacies - ideal for friendly get-togethers.


We prove that a care home for the elderly is a place where you can enjoy every moment of life.


Our guarantees:

  • The Salt Cottage - an atmospheric interior with a maritime microclimate thanks to Klodavian and Pakistani salt, with an ionic graduation tower, waterfall, mist ioniser and a ceiling imitating a starry sky;

  • a large variety of extra-curricular activities and the ingenuity of our animators;
  • the proximity of the Niepołomice Forest, and in the vicinity of the care home, a lake and wonderful surroundings;

  • walks and recreation in the garden of the care home or outside;

  • possibility to use the offer of the nearby lakeside leisure centre.



  • From whom can I obtain information about the formalities required to receive a person in need of care?

    Information can be obtained from any member of staff at our centre, but it is best to contact the secretariat.

  • How long do I have to wait for admission to the "Zapieck" in Myszków?

    This depends on the availability of places in the centre. However, it may happen that a place will be allocated immediately after an application is submitted by a Pensioner or their carers.

  • How will I know how long I have to wait for admission to a care home?

    We provide comprehensive information about the planned admission date on an ongoing basis and will inform you immediately if a place becomes available.

  • Will a person with a motor disability be admitted to the "Zapieck"?

    Yes. Motor disabilities are not an obstacle, as our care home in Myszków is free of architectural barriers.

  • I would like to put my mother in care, but on a permanent basis. Is this possible?

    Yes - our residents can stay in the Myszków "Zapieck" without any time restrictions.

  • I have looked at various retirement homes. What makes your centre different from others?

    A guarantee of luxury. It is a centre that functions on the basis of the best European and world models - in contact with nature and domestic animals. In addition to a comfortable stay, we enable our residents to develop their passions and provide attractive leisure activities.

  • I sometimes go away for a few days and have no one to leave my father with. Can you also take care of him for such a short period?

    Yes, as long as there are vacancies. It is best to contact us in advance of your planned departure date. Your father will be taken into care once the formalities have been completed.

  • I would like to take my mother home for holidays and other family events. Is this possible?

    Yes. All you have to do is notify the administrative staff in advance of your intention to do so.

  • My father reacts with allergies to certain foods. Will the people preparing the meals bear this in mind?

    Of course. The staff in our care home prepares meals according to an individual dietary plan developed by a qualified dietician.


  • My husband has Alzheimer's disease. During his stay in the "Zapiecku", are the medicines and other medical supplies and consultations with doctors provided by the care home or by me?

    Care home. It is important to give the staff all the information about the senior's health and habits that may be useful during their stay in the care home.

  • My mother is a very mobile person but has dementia. Won't she get lost on the grounds of the care home in Myszków?

    No. Our residents remain under the careful observation of the staff. In addition, the grounds of the centre are fenced.


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