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Life writes all sorts of scenarios. Sometimes tragic, when a loved one ceases to be independent as a result of illness or accident within a few moments. And sometimes the existing carer of an elderly or disabled person cannot continue to look after his or her loved one, either permanently or temporarily - because the person's health is deteriorating, he or she has to move away or renovate the flat. There are also times when loneliness gets in the way and all that is needed is the presence of another person.

The "Zapiecek" nursing and social care home in Wieliczka is a place where people in need of care or who have had enough of loneliness in old age will receive everything they need for a satisfying life full of good emotions. We specialise in caring for people with Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia or other health problems.

Our private care home is also a place where a sense of comfort and security, as well as relaxation and joy, are given a new dimension - every day and 24 hours a day under the caring eye of the professionals working here..

Key benefits of the resort "Zapiecek" in Wieliczka are:

  • great location - close to the city centre and to Kraków;

  • convenient access;

  • beautiful, excellently maintained garden;

  • building modernly arranged, without architectural barriers;

  • large terrace with a roof;

  • permanent monitoring of the facility.


We provide:

  • a safe, comfortable stay;

  • rehabilitation

  • healthy meals from our own kitchen

  • interesting leisure activities




The luxurious conditions of the stay are confirmed by our Guest and family members.


Our guarantees:

  • accommodation in comfortable 1,2,3-bed rooms with bathrooms;

  • tastefully decorated interiors and communal spaces;

  • Convenient access to the centre of Wieliczka or Krakow;

  • adaptation of the facility to the needs of people with physical disabilities.


We provide care in accordance with the world's best practice for this type of facility;


Our guarantees:

  • 24/7 care, including access to a doctor and specialists;

  • support from physiotherapists and physiotherapists;

  • 5 meals a day: 3 main meals and 2 additional meals, according to the Pensioner's dietary programme;

  • security for residents thanks to CCTV.


The freedom and intimacy of meetings with relatives and friends is our recipe for a successful every day at the "Zapieck".”.


Our guarantees:

  • the possibility to receive guests at your convenience;

  • clear and quick communication with the staff;

  • possibility of celebrating important events for the resident

  • plenty of space for attractive communal activities - in the building, on the spacious terrace or in the beautiful garden.


We prove that a care home for the elderly is a place where you can enjoy every moment of life.


Our guarantees:

  • the opportunity to participate in various activities or events - also in nearby Krakow;

  • attractively arranged events with animators;

  • walks and recreation in the beautiful garden next to the care home;

  • interesting surroundings, including numerous historical monuments (e.g. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wawel Castle, Sukiennice).



  • Would it be sufficient for my mother to be allocated a place in the "Zapieck" in Wieliczka if I made a request by telephone or email to provide her with care in this centre?

    No. Other formalities will be necessary - which ones, that depends, among other things, on the state of health of the prospective Resident. You will therefore need to contact our centre in the first instance - we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

  • What does the matter of payment for staying in the "Zapieck" look like?

    This is regulated by a contract, the terms of which are adapted to the individual situation. Charges are usually covered by the Residents from their own resources, or by a relative. Their amount depends on a number of factors, including the type of room, duration and mode of stay, additional services.

  • In a care home located in Wieliczka, i.e. in the centre of the city, does it feel close to the centre?

    Only in positive terms - looking at it through the prism of convenience and ease of access to the centre or to "Zapieck" as well as to neighbouring Krakow, Wieliczka. There is no big-city hustle and bustle in our care home. Instead, there is peace and quiet.

  • How do you support Residents with physical disabilities?

    "Zapiecek" in Wieliczka is free of architectural barriers. In addition, we provide contact with physiotherapists - our residents can participate in group activities or benefit from individual classes with a rehabilitation therapist..

  • Can I live in the "Zapieck" permanently and in one room with my wife who suffers from Alzheimer's? We are both retired, I am starting to lose my strength, but I want to help with my wife's care for as long as I can.

    Yes, you can live together and you can help with care to the best of your ability.

  • How do you safeguard against unauthorised exit of a client with senile dementia outside the care home?

    "Zapiecek" is monitored 24/7 in various places - both in the building and in the garden. In addition, the Residents are watched over 24 hours a day by the nursing home staff.

  • I need to provide care for my mother with Alzheimer's disease for a few days. Is this possible in the "Zapieck"? I would like to mention that my mother is additionally mobility disabled.

    Yes. It is only necessary to notify us in advance of the need for such care and to complete the formalities for the application and admission of the care home "Zapiecek".

  • I would like to take my mother home for holidays and other family events. Is this possible?

    Yes. All you have to do is notify the administrative staff in advance of your intention to do so.

  • My father reacts with allergies to certain foods. Will the people preparing the meals bear this in mind?

    Of course. The staff in our care home prepares meals according to an individual dietary plan developed by a qualified dietician.

  • My father has a food intolerance. Will he be fed appropriately?

    Yes. A suitable dietary programme will be prepared by our dietician and the kitchen staff will take care to prepare tasty meals strictly according to the recommendations of the specialist.

  • Can people with Alzheimer's disease expect to be allocated a place in the 'Zapieck' more quickly?

    Sequence of applications applies. However, it may happen that there will be rooms available and a place will be available immediately.



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