Zapiecek care home - our facilities

Unusual places for seniors and the disabled

 Nursing home in Myszków (Katowice / Silesia)

 Nursing home in Rogoźnik (Katowice / Silesia)

 Nursing home in Zabierzów Bocheński (Krakow / Malopolska region)

 Wieliczka Nursing and Support Home (Cracow / Malopolska)

Advantages of our private nursing homes 

several years of experience in caring for the elderly!


 barrier-free living in a comfortable environment

 lift access to facilitate mobility for the disabled

 visits at all weekends and on Wednesdays by appointment with staff

 adaptation to the needs of people coping with Alzheimer's disease

 peace and quiet - achieved by locating the facilities

 far from urban agglomerations and shopping centres, in oases of greenery.


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If you want to provide for a family member or someone close to you


A dream place in a private care home or boarding house for the elderly

Excellent conditions for leisure, recreation and personal development in old age

Top-quality care for a senior citizen or person with a disability


If you want to be kept informed at all times about the wellbeing of a loved one staying in a senior citizens' home or a home for the elderly,

contact us!

We offer you places in our 4 private nursing homes for the elderly

  • two located in Silesia - guesthouses in Myszków and in Rogoźnik
  • two in the Małopolska region - care homes for the elderly (nursing homes) in Zabierzów Bocheński and in Wieliczka.

All our private care homes operate on the basis of permits issued by the Governors of: Śląsk and Małopolska.


A colourful and comfortable autumn of life in private nursing homes for seniors and the elderly


In addition to the comfortable conditions of their stay, we also organise trips to our nursing home in Zabierzów Bocheński - where there is an extraordinary Salt Cottage in which the residents will feel the marine atmosphere. There is also the possibility of fishing in the pond located in Zabierzów Bocheński.

Our home for the elderly is safe and guarantees the best care.


Myszków, Rogoznik, Zabierzow Bocheński, Wieliczka -
We introduce 4 unique space for Seniors and the Disabled

If you want to provide a family member or someone close:

  • an ideal place in a private home care for the elderly;

  • excellent conditions for rest, recreation and personal development in the autumn of life;

  • the highest quality care for the senior or disabled

and if you want to have always about being close to those of a person in a nursing home or in a pension for the elderly,

Contact us today!

It offers space in our 4 private nursing homes:

  • two located in Silesia – Myszków and Rogoźnik (30 minutes drive from Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport);

  • two located in Malopolska - this facility in Zabierzów Bocheński and Wielieczka (30 minutes drive from Cracow-Balice Airport)

All of our private nursing homes operate on the basis of permits issued by Governors: Silesia and Malopolska.

The advantages of our Private Nursing Homes are::

  • life without barriers and in a comfortable environment

  • Access to the elevator to facilitate the movement of persons with disabilities

  • adapting to the needs of people struggling with Alzheimer's disease

  • peace and quiet - achieved by locating objects far away from urban centers and shopping and services, in the oases of green areas.

In addition to comfortable conditions of stay also we provide rehabilitation at the Centre in Wieliczka and maritime climate on request we organize trips to the guesthouse, located in Zabierzów Bocheński where is a remarkable salt cottage.

Colorful and comfortable autumn of life at your fingertips

Safety and guarantee the highest quality of care - only in Myszków, Rogoźniku, Zabierzów Bocheński or in Wieliczka.



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